We support the right of a private company to be “wrong” with their private property.  We do not support their right to violate the law.

After hundreds of man hours developing a website around the embed technology of Publitas.com and after nearly $1000 paid to that company, Publitas.com terminated an account, without notice or input, for allegedly uploading a document that violated its policies.  Publitas.com then repeatedly refused to specify which document violated an alleged policy.

It is our belief that an employee of Publitas, or the company as a whole, purposefully conspired with a fringe extremist for the purpose of extreme defamation.  Legal options are being explored.

This website is under development.  In the meantime, please access all the public documents (majority FOIA documents) censored by Publitas.com below:

Houston Wade Bankruptcy Deposition June 2023

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Attorney to Clarence Moriwaki_ Cease Your Defamation.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Kitsap County Prosecutor States Judge Sara McCulloch Does Not Have Authority.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Judge Sara McCulloch's Unconstitutional Protection Order.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Rynearson v. Ferguson Victory_ Permanent Injunction Order.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/5th Circuit Dissent in Border Patrol Lawsuit.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Rynearson v. Lands.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Kitsap County Superior Court Rules on Moriwaki's Motion for Reconsideration.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Judge Sara McCulloch Forced to Dismiss Her Unconstitutional Order.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Files Police Report Over Cheese Slicer.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Thunder Studios v Kazal Court Opinion.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade Contacts Professor Eugene Volokh.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Catlett v. Teel Ruling.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Blog Post Re_ Daniel Tarleton of Alaska Airlines Censored.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/ACLU of Washington Amicus Brief Supporting Richard Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Kitsap County Prosecutor Declines to Prosecute Richard Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Richard Rynearson's Proposed Findings & Conclusions.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Rynearson v. Ferguson_ Cyberstalking Law Struck Down.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Fingerprints Are Moriwaki's - No Investigations of Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/FB Convo with Mike Edwards.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Washington State Senate Bill 5176.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Seeks to Block Records Requests About His Police Reports.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Gordon Vittig v. Flora Dufresne.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/KLA Troll List.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade's "The Resistance" GoFundMe.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Defamatory Dissenter Article.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Court Exhibit_ Twitter and LinkedIn.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Requests Judge Sara McCulloch Disarm Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Retirement of Major Richard Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Maj Richard Rynearson DD214.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Ali Perry of Bainbridge Island Makes False Police Report Against Neighbor.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Moriwaki v. Rynearson Kitsap County Superior Court Oral Argument Transcript.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Moriwaki v. Rynearson_ Ruling of Kitsap County Superior Court For Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade Restraining Order

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/The Smartest Guys in the Room and the Best of the Best_ Max Performing Air Force Culture.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Bonnie McBryan, Eagle Harbor Inn Owner, Complete Doc to Bainbridge Island Police.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Files Police Report Over Cigarette Butt.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki's Response Brief in Moriwaki v. Rynearson at Kitsap County Superior Court.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Bonnie McBryan, Shannon Evans, & Ali Perry Call Police About Harmless Speech.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade_ Violent Antifa Member.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/JACL Newsletter May 2012.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Air Force Maj Jason P. Williams Bio.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Judge Sara McCulloch Files Police Report Against Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Resignation of Major Richard Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Asks Police to "Perhaps" Arrest Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Rynearson Files Amicus Brief in Support of Houston Wade.pdf


http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Sampling of Houston Wade Tweets Violating Court Injunction.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Suspects the Fingerprints Will Be His Own.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Asks Kitsap County Superior Court to Reconsider Ruling Against Him.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Files Police Report Over Facebook Posts.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Fitzgibbon v Radack.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Brandon Bryant Arrest Go Fund Me.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade Challenge You to Fight?  Get in Line!.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Rynearson's Appeal in Moriwaki v. Rynearson Before Kitsap County Superior Court.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/CMSAF JoAnn S. Bass Violates First Amendment.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Supporter & Convicted Felon Tres Cozine Assaults Girl With a Bat.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/OAS Annual Report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (2019).pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Temporary Protection Order.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Madison Ave v Sal DeRosalia.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade Sued for $6000 Debt.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade's Woman Beating Antifa Comrade.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Rynearson v. Bass.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Rynearson v. Ferguson Court Filings.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Maj Richard Rynearson Medals.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Judge Sara McCulloch's "Personal" Friend, Clarence Moriwaki.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Emails to Bainbridge Island Police Department.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade Celebrates the Death of a Critic's Mother.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade Celebrates People Dying.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Communicates Fear to Police.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Tells Police Neighbor Broke Into His Garage.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/AFCAF FOIA Results for Maj Richard Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Moriwaki's Photos to Bainbridge Island Police Department.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Barry Malone Assists Clarence Moriwaki.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki Exports His Losing Narrative.pdf


http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Facebook Page Court Exhibit Leading to Moriwaki v. Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Montana v Brandon Bryant.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Request for Houston Wade to Retract and Correct Defamation.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade loses Defamation Suit (Nelson v. Wade).pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Houston Wade Loses Defamation Suit Against Him.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Richard Rynearson's Reply Brief in Moriwaki v. Rynearson.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Nelson v. Wade Documents.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/John Du Wors v. Houston Wade Defamation Suit.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki's Digital Lynch Mob Against a Neighbor.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Knock it Off Request - Laughlin AFB.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Clarence Moriwaki's Proposed Conclusions & Findings.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Bainbridge Island Judge Sara McCulloch Requests Extra Security.pdf

http://www.avoidpublitas.com/Bainbridge Island Police Department to Clarence Moriwaki_ "There isn't anything criminal to prosecute".pdf

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